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* When you stay until the end there will be nothing for sale. You will not be asked to join a trial or spend a single penny on this opportunity. You are NOT on a sales page and the affiliate program we are providing to you is 100% free.

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Do I have to live in the US to do this?
The answer is NO. The business owners who qualify for the ERC funding do have to be US based businesses, however, you can live anywhere in the world and still promote this opportunity. We share with you (again for free) some funnels you can use to find small businesses in the US, educate them on what the ERC funding is and ultimately drive leads from anywhere in the world.
Do all businesses qualify?
In short, no, not all small businesses will qualify. It's based on their employee count (more than 5 is required) and typically under 500 is considered "small business". Our program will allow you to get the business owners on the phone with our team and they will get the info they need to qualify them. You don't have to do anything accept tell them about ERC and simply let them book their call for more information.
How much will I get paid?
The math is pretty simple. You get paid 10% of what the accounting firm charges as their "fee" for helping the small business collect their ERC money. So if the business collects $1,000,000.00 and the firm charges 20% their fee would be $200,000. Since you're an affiliate partner you would get 10% of that or $20,000 for sending that business to them as a referral.
I don't know any business owners can I still do this?
Yes! We share strategies with you inside our completely FREE Facebook Group on how to connect with small business owners both online and in your local community. We've got a ton of people doing this all over the country so we're confident we can help you get started.
Do the business owners have to pay for this service?
There is NO UPFRONT FEE to the business owner so you're not peddling them with something they have to pay for right now. They only owe the accounting firm a fee when they actually get their check from the government. It's that simple.
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